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Elite Buffy the Vampire Slayer

An Elite Buffy the Vampire Slayer Icon Community

Elite Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Icons
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· elite buffy the vampire slayer icons
Welcome to Elite BtVS. This is an elite icon community for the popular fandom of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. Since it's elite, that means that you must apply for posting access before you can begin posting your icons. Not everyone will be accepted, you have to be able to make exceptionally good icons to be allowed in. The idea of having an elite icon community, was taken from good lost icons, which is for the television show: Lost.

Once you've read through all the of the rules, feel free to go apply.

· the rules
01. Make sure to NOT click to join the community. As this is an elite community, it will say you do not have the permission to. Instead, after you've finished reading the rules, apply on the main page to enter.
02. If you do not read the rules, you will not be accepted into the community.
03. If you have come here just to snag icons, you can feel free to just friend the community, not apply for it. And follow all the rules placed by those who made the icons you are going to snag. . . for example, comment and credit.
04. You are allowed to post batches with some BtVS, and some other fandoms.
05. You must show a teaser of 2 - 4 of your icon batch when posting, put the rest under a cut.
06. Since this is a BtVS community, do not post any bases or goodies, unless they are in a batch of BtVS icons.
07. Post at least 10 icons per post. No double posting more than twice a day.
08. When (or if) you apply, make the subject of your comment: "Show Me Your World", so that we know you've read all the rules.
09. If you aren't accepted into the community, then you can re-apply at least 3 weeks later. Do not re-apply before that much time has passed.
010. Do NOT get angry if you aren't let in, we will give you reasons why you are not, and possibly some suggestions to improve.
011. You only need two "Yes" response to your application in order to be let in the community. Once there has been two 'yes' replies to your comment, then check out your invites and you'll be let in!
012. Have fun making and posting the icons. This whole thing is for fun, you won't die if you aren't let in; and you do get second chances to be let in, so just enjoy it.
013. Don't apply for membership unless you actually plan on posting.

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. . . wanna affiliate? please leave a comment here.

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